4 days in Brittany, France - 09/26/2023-9/29/2023

Day 1-St. Brieuc
St Brieuc

Dinner aux Pesked

Day 2-Dinan
Dinan, Old Town

Rue Jerzual

The port of Dinan

Church of Saint-Malo

City tour

Dinner a La Fleur de Sel

Day 3-St-Malo/Cancale
The ramparts of St. Malo

The ramparts cont.

Lunch with Katherine

The Sillon Beach


Dinner at Bistro Pilote

Dinan at Night

Day 4-Dinard/St Jacut de la mer
Plage de L'ecluse

Seaside promenade

Lunch at La cour de recre

Clair de Lune promenade

Saint Jacut de la mer

Dinner at Longueville

Day  4- Plage de L'ecluse, Dinard-9/29/2023


Dinard is located on the north-eastern coast of Brittany, across the Rance Estuary from Saint-Malo. The origins of Dinard as a fishing village were transformed at the end of the 19th century when the rich and fashionable of the time built their luxury houses here. The center of Dinard is the area around the main beach, the Plage de l'Ecluse

La piscine de la porte D'Emeraude is a seawater pool that fill up at high tide.  It was built by Franck Bailly and the architect Rene Ailleri on the Eluse Beach in 1928.

It was intended to allow sea bathing at any time and to allow the organization of water sports events.


This swimming pool is currently the most operational because surfboard instructors use it for beginner lessons. It is in a pretty spot at the beginning of the Pointe du Moulinet promenade, with the Emerald Gate in the background, shortened to the Moonlight walk.


The swimming pool is blending with the ocean.


In the summer it is a very popular place to be swimming.



Here you can see the divider of the pool.  It is now low tide so you can see the bottom of the ocean.


View of the beautiful villas from the beach.


Straight ahead is Pointe de la Malouine, a promontory to the West of the town center.


Plage de L'ecluse (L'ecluse beach).


Nice walkway with magnificent view of the beach.


Mai and Thierry.


A dog and his owners on the beach.


The walkway is high above the beach.


We are now walking toward the Pointe de La Malouine.


We are enjoying a nice stroll on the beach.




Simple beautiful!



 I really like this picture of me walking on the beach.


Group picture!


Mai, Thierry, Chi Be, Me, Cang, and Hoa.


Big smile please!


We are now leaving the beach.




Straight ahead is Saint Malo and the Saint Malo Cathedral in the distance with its pointy roof.


A yacht passing by.


From the beach, the view is dominated by the promontory which is a raised area with several imposing villas along the top of the ridge.


We are at the end of the beach.  The seaside promenade starts right from the west end of the beach.


The seaside promenade is an incredible walk alongside a narrow winding pedestrian area covering the beaches and rock formations


Starting our walk.


The long seaside promenade is not a straight path as it turns, wiggle, along the city walls.


It seems that every turn the scenery changes.


The whole promenade takes about 45 minutes to complete.



A large part of the charm of the villas in Dinard is that they each have their own characteristics such as different window styles, chimneys and brickwork patterns.


The villa is built high up on the hill.


Old dike along the walk.


The dike is not longer in use but it is really imposing.


On the right the Ocean offers a magnificent view


Dinard is only a few kilometers from Saint Malo and they are divided by the Rance River and from this part of the beach you see Saint Malo in the distance.



A white bird resting on a rock.


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