4 days in Brittany, France - 09/26/2023-9/29/2023

Day 1-St. Brieuc
St Brieuc

Dinner aux Pesked

Day 2-Dinan
Dinan, Old Town

Rue Jerzual

The port of Dinan

Church of Saint-Malo

City tour

Dinner a La Fleur de Sel

Day 3-St-Malo/Cancale
The ramparts of St. Malo

The ramparts cont.

Lunch with Katherine

The Sillon Beach


Dinner at Bistro Pilote

Dinan at Night

Day 4-Dinard/St Jacut de la mer
Plage de L'ecluse

Seaside promenade

Lunch at La cour de recre

Clair de Lune promenade

Saint Jacut de la mer

Dinner at Longueville

Day 3- Saint Malo continuation-9/28/2023

We are continuing our walk on the rampart.

We are at the Bastion of Holland located on the western end of the city.  The Bastion de la Hollande is one of the main buildings to see when exploring the ramparts of Saint Malo. Built in 1674 to protect the city from attacks, it has been modified several times over time but still stands proudly, overlooking the city and the sea.



Porte St. Pierre


View of the bay of Saint Malo with a view of the island of the Grand Bé and the Petit Bé.


A Typical creperie restaurant and bar along the way.


View below the wall


One of the many beaches around.


Statue of Robert Surcouf-1773-1827


 Robert Surcouf was a Corsair and boat builder who was active in the slave trade from Africa to the Caribbean. In the early 19th century


A sparrow resting on and iron ledge


Plage de L'eventail with the Fort National that was built in 1689 and is accessible from the beach at low tide.



The Fort National located on the Le Petit Be island was a prison under German occupation. Reportedly, in August 1944, 380 locals were locked up by the Germans, without food, for six days. 


The Bidouane tower is one of the main tower of the ramparts of Malo. It's 75 ft.s high, and almost 49 ft. wide.


The Bidouane tower is located on the north west corner of the Saint Malo's city wall.


Stairs leading to the top of the tower.


View of the bay from the Bidouane tower.


The tower offers a beautiful view of the surrounding with on one side the view of Bon Secours beach, the murals, the Gran Ser and the tomb of Chateaubriand, and Fort National on the other. It was built in the fifteenth century, reformed over time, and was completed in the seventeenth century


A view back at the rampart where we cam from.


An artist playing piano in the middle of the promenade.


Fort National


We are headed to the most famous beach: La plage du Sillon (Sillon beach).


Sillon beach .


Sillon beach is a beautiful sandy beach.






The intra-muros, the promenade on the rampoart, and the bay.


We are now leaving the promenade and exiting from Saint Thomas gate.


We are now inside the wall of Saint Malo


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