8 days in Portugal-5-11 to 5/18/2022

Day 1-Lisbon
Arrival/Igreja Sao Cristovao

Praça da Figueira, Confeitaria National
Praça de Comércio
Streets in Baixa and Alfama
Dinner at Farol De Santa Luzia
Day 2-Lisbon
Lisbon Cathedral
Church De Sao Vincente de Fora
Lisbon National Pantheon
Lunch at Time Out Market
Walking around
Dinner at Boi-Cavalo
Day 3-Lisbon
Belém Tower
Upper level
Jeronimos Monastery
Upper level/High Choir
Church of Santa Maria
Dinner at Basque
Day 4-Faro
Old town
Old town continuation
Church of San Pedro
Dinner at Villa Adentro
Day 5-Faro/Albufeira
Farmer Market

Sao Rafael Beach
Lunch at Rocha Palha
Old town, Albufeira
Stoll in Faro
Dinner at Pigs & Cows

Day 6-Faro

Ria Formosa

Desert Island

Desert island cont'


Faro Island

Dinner/Faro @ night

Day 7-Beja/Lisbon

Beja Castle

Beja Cathedral

Lunch-Adega 25


Bairro Alto, Lisbon


Day 8-Peniche/Lisbon

Surf beach

Old town

lunch @ Sardinha

Coast line

Dinner @ Ramiro

Lisbon at night

Day 2- Walk around Alfama neighborhood-5/12/2022

After lunch we decided to walk back to the apartment and also to look around the streets in the neighborhood.

I noticed that there are a lot of these trees with the purple flowers all over Lisbon.  It is really pretty too.


We passed by this really cute street that is reserved for pedestrians only, with food stalls on each side and they hung a bunch of colorful umbrellas upside down, providing some needed shade on a hot day.


So lovely to sit outside and able to enjoy the nice weather, good food, and fun atmosphere.



Lisbon City hall


 The building is located in the Municipal Square,  built in the neoclassical style, its monumental façade features a large pediment over a central balcony with sculptures by Celestin Anatole Calmels


Pilori of Lisbon, located in the center of Municipal square and is classified as a National Monument.


The front of City Hall.


We are now close to our apartment in the Mouraria neighborhood. 


Unlike the other buildings in Lisbon that are adorned with tiles, here you will see black and white photos of the elderly in this neighborhood.


All the art work are from the British born artist Camilla Watson, who lives in the neighborhood and was allowed to create an open-air gallery celebrating the elderly in this neighborhood.


The sad part is many of them were forced to move out of their homes as the area becomes more gentrified.


This is the tiny street leading to our apartment.  It is a really quiet neighborhood. 

We are just going back to rest a bit and then we will go out later for some snacks and a beer.


We are all rested now and we are now leaving the apartment in search for some snacks and something to drink.

On our way to the historical center we passed by the Fado Vadio mural located in Escadinhas de Sao cristovao (5 minutes from our apartment), and was created in 2012 by a collective of artists.


This is the most well know mural allusive to fado in the city of Lisbon.


This expressive mural is rich not only in reference to fado but also to symbols and event of this neighborhood and the city itself.


Traditional tiles on buildings in the neighborhood.


We are now in the historic center and we will stop by the Elevator de Santa Justa.


There is a line to take the Elevator.  This a tourist attraction, built in the same way as the Eiffel tower.

The similarity between his designs and this Elevator is not accidental, as it was built by Raoul Mesnier de Ponsard, who was an admirer of Gustave Eiffel and applied the same techniques used in some of the funiculars in France of the time.


I was told it will take 20/30 minutes in order to be able to take the elevator.  We decided to skip it at this time.


The Lift has a stunning observation deck at the top and offers magnificent views over Baixa. Since it was opened to the public, it has become one of the most popular viewpoints in Lisbon


This is the back of the elevator.


As we are walking along and we stumbled on Beher on Rua Prata.


 Beher offers Spanish cuisine and taht will be a nice change from Portugese cuisine.


They have a lot of Iberico products on the window and inside.


Iberico ham trimmings looks so yummy!


Next to the bar they have a counter with a bunch of Iberico products and in the back, against the wall there a bunch of Iberico ham hanging underneath a metal rack.


The menu


All the goodies on display...


Watching this guy slicing the Iberico ham.


We ordered a plate of Pata Megra ham, beer, and water for me.  It is so cool to see this guy slicing the ham in front of us.




More Iberico ham hanging at the back wall.


On the left is the trimmings (5 Euros) of the Iberico ham, and on the right is an order of 60 grams (2.12 oz) Pata Negra Iberico ham (16 Euros).


We are ready to snack!




This is Hoa's favorite Ham and it was perfect for an afternoon snack!


We barely touched this as the plate of Iberico was more than enough so we took it home and ate it for breakfast the next day.


NEXT.... Dinner at Boi Cavalo




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin