8 days in Portugal-5-11 to 5/18/2022

Day 1-Lisbon
Arrival/Igreja Sao Cristovao

Praça da Figueira, Confeitaria National
Praça de Comércio
Streets in Baixa and Alfama
Dinner at Farol De Santa Luzia
Day 2-Lisbon
Lisbon Cathedral
Church De Sao Vincente de Fora
Lisbon National Pantheon
Lunch at Time Out Market
Walking around
Dinner at Boi-Cavalo
Day 3-Lisbon
Belém Tower
Upper level
Jeronimos Monastery
Upper level/High Choir
Church of Santa Maria
Dinner at Basque
Day 4-Faro
Old town
Old town continuation
Church of San Pedro
Dinner at Villa Adentro
Day 5-Faro/Albufeira
Farmer Market

Sao Rafael Beach
Lunch at Rocha Palha
Old town, Albufeira
Stoll in Faro
Dinner at Pigs & Cows

Day 6-Faro

Ria Formosa

Desert Island

Desert island cont'


Faro Island

Dinner/Faro @ night

Day 7-Beja/Lisbon

Beja Castle

Beja Cathedral

Lunch-Adega 25


Bairro Alto, Lisbon


Day 8-Peniche/Lisbon

Surf beach

Old town

lunch @ Sardinha

Coast line

Dinner @ Ramiro

Lisbon at night

Day 3- Dinner at Basque-5/13/2022

I made reservation at Eneko, the 1 Michelin star restaurant in Lisbon, and on the day of the reservation, I realized our reservation was at the Eneko in Croatia.  I was not aware that Eneko has many locations so I called the Eneko restaurant in Lisbon asking if they have a table for us.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was full but she told us she can accommodate us at Basque which is also located in the same building as Eneko, so I quickly accepted.  Basque Michelin star chef Eneko Atxa has opened his eponymous (Eneko) Lisbon restaurant inside one of the city’s oldest buildings, a 600-year-old printing factory with two restaurants (Eneko and Basque) inside its cavernous space. Basque is more casual restaurant and the newest member of his portfolio.

According to their website, Basque brings the flavors of the Basque country to the vibrant and modern city of Lisbon.  It aims to recreate a typical Basque tavern, with food grilled over charcoal, traditional bar dishes and local wines.

The entrance of Basque and Eneko is located on Rue Maria Luísa Holstein in Lisbon’s riverside neighborhood ofAlcântara.


Located in an old industrial building that used to be an old warehouse, with industrial architecture and neoclassical style iron beams from 1920.


Hallway leading to the dinning room.  Lots of red velvet carpets, and drapes inside the room.


View from the hallway looking out in the street.


Michelin star for Eneko which we could not get in.


The dinning room of Basque is huge with heavy velvet drapes and large mirrors complementing the heritage structure’s iron beams, high ceilings and steel columns.


The interior is considered part of Lisbon’s heritage, the vintage space in copper tones has a retro look and feels timeless.


The room was filled by 8:00pm.


Close look at the  high ceilings and steel columns.


Open concept kitchen and a bar on the side.

This our view of the kitchen from our table.



A la carte menu on the left, and on the right the menu offers 2 chef's menu:

1- Bizkaia Menu - 39 euros including 4 dishes chef's choice (3 starters and 1 main dishes) and 1 dessert

2- Basque menu - 63 Euros, including 5 dishes chef's choice (3 starters and 2 main courses) and 1 desserts

We selected the 2nd option.


Table set up.



The first thing they brought out was this beautiful bonsai tree with 2 pieces of Caipiroska de maracujá  (Passion fruit Caipiroska) that is resting on a wire.


A Caipiroska is a populare take on the classic Caipirinha cocktail from Brazil.  It is usually made iwth Vodka, lime (but here it is passion fruit) and simple syrup.

The outer layer might have been white chocolate and when your put the whole thing in your mouth, the cocktail just ooze out.   Very refreshing, great way to start the evening.


Hoa consulting with our waiter on wine and cocktail.


You can go wrong with an old Fashion!


Cheers!  Rustic country wheat bread and compound butter:  chive butter and mushroom butter

The bread is really delicious and the butter is also very flavorful.


Hoa ordered a bottle of white wine to start.


The first starter is a traditional Gilda with Cantabrico anchovies, pickled green guindilla pepper, quail eggs, and olives.


Gilda is a humble appetizer but here it is elevated with the additional soft boiled quail eggs.

Legend has it that the Gilda was first created by the owner of Bar Casa Valles, a classic tavern in San Sebastian.  Señor Vallés had a habit of serving olives, salted anchovies, and pickles to his guests when they ordered their vermouth or a porrón of wine. When one of his customers skewered them all together on a toothpick, a classic was born. 

They named the new pintxo after Rita Hayworth’s most famous on-screen character; Gilda


NEXT.... Chef's menu




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