10 days in Japan - 10/29/2022 to 11/7/2022










Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 1- Arrival/Dinner a Jomon Roppongi

We landed at Narita airport and took the Narita Express to Tokyo.  The ride is about 1 hour from Narita Airport to Shinjuku Station.


Our hotel is about 5 minutes walking distance from the Shinjuku Station which is very convenient.

Since we arrived late around 6:00pm, we only had time to check in the hotel, rest and then go to dinner.


This our 3rd trip to Tokyo and Jomon Roppongi restaurant is one of our favorite restaurant.  Reservations are needed at least 2 weeks ahead.

You will need to call to get a reservation as their online reservation is really complicated and impossible to fill in.


Jomon Roppongi is a very popular and a firm favorite with locals as their food is delicious, unpretentious Hakata-style grilled skewers that is simply to die for.

Here you can see customers sitting outside facing the inside of the restaurant and their partners sitting inside facing out the street.

They definitely using every square inches of the place.


To get in the restaurant you will need to remove your shoes.  They have a very cool system where they put your shoes away and by the time you are leaving the server knows what to pull out and they never make a mistake.  You will get your shoes back!


Jomon Roppongi are known for their grilled skewers and as soon as you sit down on the counter there are a multitude of pre-made skewers on display.


Once they are low, the kitchen brought out a tray full of skewers.


Our server pouring Sake for Hoa.


Beer and Sake is a must to wash down the food here.


This guy is grilling non-stop.


The smoke just filled up the tiny room and it is also very loud with a super friendly atmosphere.


View of the room from our table which is right a the entrance.


The restaurant is warm, inviting and full of energy for sure.


The special menu for the evening.  They change it very often and according to what is available in the market.


The main menu.  We went with the Chef's recommendation for a total of 8 skewers per person to start.


Vegetarian menu and libation menu


Raw cabbage salad is compliment of the house.


Amberjack sashimi with sesame sauce.


Amberjack has a rich, buttery flavor, succulent and the sesame sauce really give the dish a nice umami.


Cheers to our first evening in Tokyo.


    From the left to right: Pork gristle, Pork Belly, Supreme Beef loin, Beef skirt


So tasty and delicious.


We also ordered some Chicken gizzard and chicken heart skewers.


Salted stewed Waygu


The stew warm you heart on a cold night.


More views of the different skewers we ordered.


Grilled chicken meatballs.


In japan people usually end their meal with some type of starch.  Hoa asked our waiter which type of ramen he is recommending and he told us that their spicy noodle soup is very good and it indeed it was.


Cheers to great meal!



Our waiter suggested to take a photo before we take off.


Jomon Roppongi is highly recommended.  Make sure to call to reserve a table at the counter.

This is our 3rd visit here and it is still a great experience to dine here where the ambiance is vibrant, fun, and the food is really amazing!

The servers speak English and they also have an English menu so that is really helpful.  The dollar is so strong right now that the total of bill come out to be less than $80 (there is no tips in Japan).


Jomon Roppongi

106-0032 Tokyo, Minato City

Roppongi, 5 Chome−9−17


Phone: +81 3-3405-2585


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