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Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 9- Ferry to Miyajima-11/6/22

Today we are headed to Miyajima, a small island located about 10 miles southwest of the city of Hiroshima.  Although the island is actually called Itsukushima, it is more well known as Miyajima, which translates to “shrine island.” Miyajima is famous and known for its shrine and for its giant torii gate, which at high tide seems to float on the water.  

To get to Miyajima we took the train and then we hopped on the JR Ferry from Hiroshima station to the Miyajima Ferry Terminal.


Hiroshima Ferry station.


During the day there is a ferry every 15 minutes.


Getting in line to board the ferry.


We bought the JR weekly pass and this ride on the ferry was included so it was very convenient.


There was a sea of people boarding the ferry.       


We are on the second floor of the ferry looking down.

Inside the ferry on the second floor.



View from inside the ferry.


The ride is about 30 minutes and we have reached our destination.


View of the harbor from the Miyajima ferry docking station.


These two guys brought their bikes on the ferry.


We are now leaving the docking station.


We are on Hatsukaischi, the main street leading to the famous Torii gate.





View of Hiroshima city from Miyajima


View of Miyajima ferry docking station from Hatsukaischi street.


Gentle deer laying around.


Whilst Nara holds the title for the most famous deer park in Japan, on a slightly smaller scale, Miyajima’s free-roaming deer are just as gentle, picturesque, and don’t require a cracker for a picture. In fact, feeding them is highly frowned upon, and you will see signs everywhere indicating for you to keep food to yourselves and (proactively) away from the prying eyes and mouths of the deer, otherwise you might find a hunk of your food missing when you’re not looking!


They are used to people so you can pet them and they usually will not move.


I wanted some coffee so we are looking for a Starbucks.


We found a Starbucks on the main street and we got in.  Basically, you buy coffee on the first floor and then go up the second floor to sit.


I cannot believe the view we got from the second floor of Starbucks.  Killer view for a price of a cup of coffee.


This spot became available so I was so happy to get the best view from here.


For less than $2 you get to sit comfortably and have the best view.


We are now headed to Torii gate which you can see in the background in red.


Gorgeous bay.


Torii gate behind us.


The water around Miyajima is part of Seto inland sea.




Floating torii gate is the UNESCO World Heritage Site's vermillion gateway that stands in the sea.

It is under restoration and will be completed by the end of 2022 and scaffolding is planned to be removed before 2023 new year celebration after 3 years of restoration work.





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