10 days in Japan - 10/29/2022 to 11/7/2022










Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 7- Nanzen-ji Temple, Kyoto-11/4/22

The Nanzen-ji temple is a Zen Buddhist temple, which is regarded as one of the most famous temple in Kyoto, Japan. Among the Zen temples in the Japan, this temple occupies a unique place. This temple comprises of 12 other temples, of which few temples can be viewed. There are several gardens along the temple premises.

One of the many entrances to Nanzen-ji Temple.


A large pond


Japanese gate


We are now walking to Nanzen-ji



The temple comprised of 62 other temples in the period of 1616 to 1868. At the entrance, there is a gate which is known as San-mon. In Japan, this gate stood as number three and it was constructed in 1296 and demolished in 1447. In 1616, the gate was built again and it was dedicated to the dead soldiers in 1616.


San-mon gate entrance gate is massive and also taller than treetops.


The gate has a viewing platform about half way up, which can be accessed by stairs.


The interior feels so spacious and so Zen.


From the platform, there is a magnificent view of the temple area and Kyoto.


Resting on stairs and enjoying the view.



Side view of the San-mon gate


Another view of the San-mom gate.


We are now leaving the premise to go back to train station.


Kyoto Tower is an observation tower located next to Kyoto train station.  It is the tallest structure in Kyoto.


Kyoto Tower reflection on a glass building.


Kyoto station


We hop on the train back to Osaka.  The ride from Kyoto station back to Osaka is about 30 minutes.



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