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Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 9- Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima-11/6/22

The centuries-old Itsukushima Shrine, Itsukushima Jinja, floats above the sea at high tide and thanks to its giant vermillion torii gate, is one of the most famous sights in Japan.

Panoramic view of the Itsukushima shrine.


The shrine is located in a small inlet, while the torii gate is set out in the Seto Inland Sea.


We are headed to shrine.



The shrine stands almost entirely over the water.  It is low tide now so you can see the bottom floor of the sea.


Entering the main gate. 

The area has been worshipped for centuries: in 1168, it was chosen to be the site of the clan’s family shrine by Taira no Kiyomori, the most powerful man in Japan at that time.


The shrine is now a national treasure and has a series of special features to help it survive the rising seas. Stone lanterns were once used as weights to stop the corridors rising, but they have since been replaced with bronze versions.



Paths lead around the inlet, and visitors enjoy walking along them while looking out onto the sea. After sunset, the shrine and the torii gate are illuminated daily until 11:00Pm.


  The shrine and its torii gate are unique for being built over water, seemingly floating in the sea during high tide.


Torii gate is behind us.


Nice view from here.


The shrine complex consists of multiple buildings, including a prayer hall, a main hall and a noh theater stage, which are connected by boardwalks and supported by pillars above the sea.



Paintings on display in the shrine.


Great view of the torii gate from this angle.


Store selling souvenirs inside the shrine.


Boardwalk surrounding the shrine.


View of the 5 story pagoda from the boardwalk.


5 story pagoda which we will visit afterwards.




We were lucky to visit Miyajima is such a beautiful day.




Paper fortune hanging inside the shrine. 


This area is filled with paintings.


One of the many paintings of the torii gate under renovation.



A bridge connecting the shrine to one of the street.


Stone lanterns hanging from the ceiling with the 5 story pagoda in the background.


We are now headed to the torii gate. The gigantic gate is located within walking distance from the shore, and visitors are able to walk out along the waters during low tide to get a closer view of it.

Gathering shellfish near the gate is popular at low tide.


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