10 days in Japan - 10/29/2022 to 11/7/2022










Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 6- Walk to Kobe Harbor/lunch-11/3/22

The Kobe harbor is about 15 minutes walk from Chinatown so we are just enjoying our walk there.

Passing through really nice neighborhood along the way.


High rise buildings.

On the left is the Parkhouse Kobe Tower.  Note that the bottom of the tower was constructed to resemble an old bank and was built in the 1900.


Straight ahead is Kobe Harborland a popular shopping and entertainment complex with the Ferris wheel in the background.


Walking toward Kobe Harborland.


Umie is a prominent shopping complex which consists of three parts: Mosaic, South Mall and North Mall.


Tall Giraffe statue in front of the Umie shopping center.


Close to the Kobe harbor is Culmeni a shopping center with the statue of Elvis Presley welcomes customers.


Elvis Presley statue.


Stairs leading to the Mosaic Ferris wheel


Entrance of Kobe Harborland.


The Mosaic Ferris wheel is very popular spot for kids and adults alike.


The Ferris wheel is located on the waterfront of the harbor.


Apparently at night the Ferris Wheel turn on lights and it is constantly changing colors.


View of the harbor from the terrace of Harborland.


This is area is part of the Mosaic Harborland that stretched along the waterfront.


View of the Kobe Port tower in the Kobe Maritime Museum which will visit right after lunch.


Kobe Bay boat cruise



Lunch at the Oyster Bar

There are so many restaurants in the Mosaic Harborland but we were looking for a restaurant with a view.

We walked around and found The Oyster bar


We are now entering the restaurant.


Stopping at the counter to get a table for 2.


We got a table with a view of Kobe Harbor.  The tables against the tall glass windows were all reserved.




Hoa ordered a 4 course lunch course for $20

 1st course is an appetizer platter with Prosciutto, steamed claims, poached shrimps






The 2nd course is a plate of Oysters that are fried and grilled.


I cannot believe they gave so many oysters.


3rd course is a homemade bread with tomato soup.


The bread was warm and so delectable. 


For the 4th course you have a choice of pasta or Pizza.  Hoa selected a Margherita pizza.


The Margherita pizza was also very good.  

We could not believe that the 4 course only cost us $20 in a very nice restaurant overlooking the harbor.


For me, I selected a plate of shrimps tempura served with a salad, soup, and rice for about $9.


The dollar is so strong now so everything in Japan is such a good deal.

The food was delicious and a really nice restaurant and we spend less than $40 including beer and drinks (no tip in Japan).


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