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Day 8-Hiroshima




Pierre, Osaka- 11/3/2022

Pierre is French restaurant revolving around the change of seasons and locally sourced fresh produce.  The team under the supervision of Executive Chef Tobias Genshermer uses creativity to combine Japanese ingredients with French cooking techniques.  Pierre was just awarded a one Michelin star for the six consecutive year.  Perched on the 20th floor of the swanky Intercontinental hotel in Osaka, Japan with gorgeous panoramic views of Osaka. 

From our hotel we walked to the Intercontinental hotel located in the Kita (meaning North in Japanese).

This area is one of Osaka's two main city centers with lots of large complex.


To access the Intercontinental we passed by the Grand Front Osaka which is a large shopping center.


The entrance of the Intercontinental.


We are taking the elevator to the 20th floor. 


As soon as you get off the elevator there is a huge lounge area.


The entrance of Pierre.

On the left is Bar Adee and on the right is Pierre.




Wine display at the entrance of the restaurant.


According to their website Pierre boasts an exceptional selection of wine and rare finds from all over the world, a range of champagnes and a special boutique house wine.


Our table is way at the end of the restaurant so we have to passed by a huge open kitchen.

The kitchen was very impressive with lots of chefs working behind the counter.


All the tables along the windows (left) are for 2 people with a view of the city and they can also watch all the chefs working behind the counter.

Very tall ceiling with glass windows from floor to ceiling creating a cozy atmosphere.


This picture was taken on our way on of the restaurant and the chefs are cleaning up.


View of the kitchen from another angle.


I wanted to have a table at the window but it was all sold out so we got an extra long people that can probably sit at least 8 all for the two of us.

I love their custom wood table made with one long slab of wood.


Table setting in neutral colors.


Small orchid vase on the menu together with the menu.


Pierre offers from a variety of menus and I selected the tasting menu option.


7 course tasting menu.


On the left is the view of the end table from my seat, on the right is a close view of the table setting.


I selected Fuji water and the bottle is then stored in a cooper tall container.


The bread was warm and delicious.


Butter and bread.


Our sommelier opening and pouring wine for us.


Hoa selected a nice bottle of Chateau Lagrande for the evening.




After pouring our wine, our sommelier suggested that the bottle should be decanted.


View from my seat overlooking the city. 


View from Hoa seat overlooking the kitchen.


Window side Table.  It is usually reserved for Birthdays, proposals, wedding anniversary or any type of celebrations.

The view is really breathtaking.


NEXT.... 7 course tasting menu


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