10 days in Japan - 10/29/2022 to 11/7/2022










Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 5- Dinner at Tsurugyu-11/2/22

Tsurugyu is a well known Kobe beef restaurant and popular with both locals and tourists. Located about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from the  Osaka Center.

Tsurugyu stands as a quaint diner-style Kobe restaurant. Its minimalist, dark wood exterior does no justice to the greatness that lies inside.


Cabinet with beef display.


A nice vase right on the counter at the entrance.  There is a room next to the main entrance with semi-private room.


Our table is very private.




Tsurugyu is a Yakiniku-style restaurant, which means patrons grill their own meat over a charcoal grill situated on your table. Serving as a great place to socialize and chat with friends.


It is customary for Japanese to start the meal with Beef tongue


Putting the meat on the grill.



The beef tongue has a nice texture and was delicious.


An assortment of Kim chi


Rib eye Wagyu beef, check out the marbling on the right. 


Not sure what cut of beef it is on the darker meat, as it was difficult to communicate.  It came with some fried garlic.


The Rib eye Wagyu beef was served with 3 type of sauce. 

The second cut was served with 2 type of sauce.


Grilling the Rib eye wagyu beef.


Our server grilled most of the meat for us and make it was the correct temperature.


He told us to cut each piece into 3 pieces so that we can try the 3 sauces that came with it.


Tasting the meat with the 3 sauces (.  The meat just melted in our mouth.


Cheers to an excellent meal.


Next are thin slices of shoulder beef (misuji).


Our server grilling the meat for us.


Once the beef is cooked, our server put it on top of a lettuce and then he added the marinated sea beans.


The wrap is simply delicious.


Braised beef soup


The broth was very flavorful and it was perfect for a cold night to have this soup.


Marinated tripe


Our server did most of the grilling for us and told it has to be charred.  A bit on the chewy side and this is the one dish we like the least.


Kobe sirloin steak


Grilling the meat


Omg, this is so good, great flavor and so decadent.


Homemade Chungmaru Cold Noodle.  Our waiter is dividing the noodle into 2 bowls for us.


Handmade noodles that has a very nice texture (richness and elasticity). The broth takes more than 5 hours to make and yield a very umami taste.


Once the meal is over, our waiter brought out some hot tea (left) and a shot of veggie juice that is so delicious.


The restaurant is not in the city center and a bit difficult to find unless you use Google map and we found it without difficulty. 

We had an excellent meal!  Our server was really nice to us and he pretty much did most of the grilling and showed us how to eat each course. 

Nice ambiance, really cozy, and comfortable environment.  We like it a lot and it was a really good dining experience.


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