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Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 9- Floating torii gate-11/6/22

Walking toward the torii gate.


Torii gate is the most popular attraction on the island.  Since June 2019, the torii gate has been covered in scaffolding as part of the long, arduous process of restoration. The renovation work is scheduled to be fully completed by the end of 2022.


Pathway leading to the torii gate.  The torii gate which, during high tide, appears to be floating on the water.



Long line ahead of us but it is moving very quickly!


The most recognizable and celebrated feature of the Itsukushima shrine, is its fifty-foot tall vermilion torii gate. 


The placement of an additional leg in front of and behind each main pillar identifies the torii as reflecting the style of Ryōbu Shintō, a medieval school of esoteric Japanese Buddhism.  The torii gate is not buried deep into the sand but instead stands by its own weight. The box shaped part under the gate is filled with about 7 tons of stones. Custom made wedges are driven into the intersections where the pillars and the roof meet, absorbing slight movements and helping to balance the pillars and roof. The sea level section is strengthened by pine stakes and the torii is impervious to weather, being able to resist the forces of  typhoons and earthquakes.


The torii appears to be floating only at high tide. When the tide is low, it is approachable by foot from the island.  At night, powerful lights on the shore illuminate the torii. Although a gate has been in place at the site since 1168, the current structure dates to 1875


The torii gate is really massive and weighs around 60 tons.



Its four legged provided stability.  The man pillars, which are about 32 ft. in circumference are made with camphor trees, while the four supporting pillars are made o natural cedar.


Walkway leading to the torii gate.


View of the harbor from the walkway.


colorful boats along the shore.


It is time for lunch!  We found this really nice and cozy restaurant close by the torii gate.


I ordered a bowl of Udon soup with shrimp tempura.  Hoa got the same thing but also ordered a small bowl of unagi don.


A hot bowl of Udon definitely hit the spot.


Hoa's portion.


Enjoying our lunch with a great view of the surrounding.


I also ordered a bowl of green tea.


It came with a snack.  It was really delicious and was filled with black beans and a crunchy exterior made of sugar.


Hoa ordered a cup of coffee and it came with a slide of brownie.

We were so happy to find this place as the food was delicious, great service, and very reasonable.



After lunch we decided to walk around the park.


Fall is here as the leaves are changing colors.


Huge Tree


The trunk is enormous!


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