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Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 9-Senjokaku Pavilion and 5 story pagoda, Miyajima-11/6/22

 Senjokaku Pavilion literally meaning “1000 tatami mat pavilion” is a large, unfinished 16th century wooden hall.  Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the three unifiers of Japan, commissioned Senjokaku for the purpose of chanting Buddhist sutras for fallen soldiers. The building was not yet completed when Hideyoshi died in 1598. As Tokugawa Ieyasu took power the building was never fully completed.

 Beside Senjokaku is the five-storied pagoda, Goju-no-to, which was built in 1407, much earlier than Senjokaku itself. .

Senjokaku Pavilion and 5 story pagoda are located up the hill.


Senjokaku Pavillion on top of the hill.



Climbing up the stairs...


It was erected in the late 16th century and forms an impressive piece of historical architecture.


View of the bay from the Senjokaku Pavilion


Looking down at the street level from Senjokaku Pavilion.


Directly beside the pavilion sits a brilliant red 5 story pagoda.               


The inside is ginormous with no wall and a hundred pillars and the ceiling is covered with mosaic paintings.


This pavilion was built on the initiative of one of the most famous figures in Japanese history: the shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598). In 1587, he ordered the construction of a huge hall where the monks would copy sutras in a perfectly secluded spot in the midst of nature.



Paintings hanging on the ceiling.



Panoramic view of the interior of the pavilion.


Senjokaku is strikingly sparse, lacking proper ceilings and a front entrance. In 1872, the incomplete building was dedicated to the soul of its founder, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, which remains its present day religious function.


Inside view of the pavilion.  On the left you can see the 5 story pagoda in red in the background.


View of the city from above.


A Zen area to sit down and just enjoy the view.




There is also a nice view of the island's bay.


View of a ferry coming to Miyajima.


Senjokaku Pavilion view from the back and leading to the 5 story Pagoda.


 The 5-story Pagoda was restored in 1533 and stands at 90 ft. high. It is most well-known for housing the Buddha of Medicine. This structure sits proudly near the water, and is even more picturesque if you visit during cherry blossom season, when it is surrounded by blossoming trees.


The Five Story Pagoda on Miyajima island is a stunning vermilion masterpiece. Built in 1407, the pagoda reflects construction techniques typically associated with Zen Buddhism.


Located to the left of the giant torii gate and atop a hill, the pagoda soars high above the hill.


Here you can see how close it is to Senjokaku Pavilion


Stairs going down.


Rooftops view from Senjokaku Pavilion.



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