10 days in Japan - 10/29/2022 to 11/7/2022










Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 8- Dinner at Wild boar, Hiroshima-11/5/22

As you entered the restaurant there is a huge kitchen and counter seats around the kitchen.


We got a seat at the counter overlooking the kitchen.


They did not have an English menu.


The restaurant specialized in deer, wild boar, pheasant, and other meat that can be hunted.


Pheasant hanging on top of the kitchen and on the right the logo of the restaurant.


Nobody in the restaurant speak English so we took out our phone and use Google translate to communicate and it worked perfectly.


Hoa ordered some Sake and Beer.




As soon as you sit down, they bring out a grill and fill it with burning charcoal.


Since we cannot read the menu but we were able to communicate via Google translate that we wanted to try everything until we are full.


The first tray is filled with Deer, wild boar, and pheasant meat.


Looks so appetizing.


We had to grill our own meat.


It is also very fun to grill the meat.


Chef preparing other cut of meat for us.


Grilled tongue


Mixed salad.


Another tray of meat was delivered to our table.  I am not sure of the cut since we cannot really talk to the chef.


Grilling the meat.


Looks like pork belly and I am not sure of the cut on the 2nd piece of meat.


Winter stew with radishes, carrots, chunk of pork meat.


The 3rd tray of meat is brought out.


Grilling the meat....




Really delicious!


An assortment of meat is served.  We are getting full.


I think there is some tongue, wild boar belly, and some deer meat.


A little break between meal.


Grilling more meat and sausages.


There are 2 different type of sausages and we are grilling them



Most of the meat are really good with one cut that was really chewy but I would not be able to tell what cut it is. 


We were pretty full be now but the chef is grilling pheasant skewer for our last course.


A helper adding more charcoal to a grill in the kitchen.


What a meal!  We were so lucky to stumble on this restaurant.  Very nice experience, the food is really good and we had a wonderful evening.


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