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Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 6- Port of Kobe-11/3/22

Port of Kobe is the fourth busiest port in Japan. It is located in the central part of the Japanese Archipelago and lies on the major routes of international marine-transportation networks, connecting over 500 ports in 130 countries. The Port of Kobe was opened in 1868 and was known as Hyogo Port. It was one of the first port of Japan to trade with the West.

The port is not only an important commodity distribution center but also a popular amusement center.


The 355 ft.-high Kobe Port Tower is one of the most famous landmarks of the port city of Kobe.  Unfortunately, it is covered right now for remodeling.


This is a drawing of the Kobe port tower in red.


We are headed to the Meriken Park on the other side of the bridge. 
The Meriken Park is home to some of the city's more iconic contemporary architecture such as the red Kobe tower (covered for renovation) and the Kobe Maritime Museum.



Kobe Harborland

The picturesque Port of Kobe is a prime sightseeing spot and event space in Kobe. Visiting this area is a must for anyone coming to the Kansai region.

View from the bridge to the Port and harbor


Meriken Park is a nice waterfront park in Kobe's port area.


Cruise ship on the harbor and the Ferris wheel in the back.

View walked from the Ferris wheel to the harbor.


Here you can see the Kobe Port tower in wrapped is a white plastic with red line.


The Kobe Maritime Museum is a white lattice structure that mimics a sailboat.

The roof is design to look like a sailing ship. The Museum focuses on the history of Japanese shipping and Kobe harbor.


View of the Museum from the main plaza of Meriken Park.


Traditional rickshaw for tourists who want to experience the old fashion way of transportation.


I need a coffee break and was so happy to see a Starbucks there.


The inside of the Starbucks with view of the harbor.


Pretty incredible view of the harbor from inside Starbucks.


We sat outside as it was a very nice day to enjoy the surrounding.


View from our table at Starbuck to the Meriken Park.


Kobe Meriken Park Oriental hotel. It was opened in June, 1995, only 6 months after the Great Hanshin earthquake destroyed much of the city. It is in the Kobe waterfront area called Harborland, and is often featured in pictures of Kobe, together with Kobe Port Tower. It was designed by Takenaka Corporation to resemble a luxury liner.



People sitting around just to enjoy the view of the harbor.



View of part of the Meriken Park.


Be Kobe iconic Hollywood style sign located at the Harbor.


There is a long line if you want to take a picture with the sign.


I did not stay in line.  We just took a quick picture with the sign behind us.



Panoramic view of the Meriken park with the Kobe port tower and the Maritime Museum.


Panoramic view of the Port of Kobe


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