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Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 7- Lunch and Hokan-ji Temple,Kyoto-11/4/22


We are back at Higashiyam District and there is a sea of people in the street.  It is lunch time so I think people are going out to eat.


We found this Japanese restaurant toward the end of the street where there are less people.


The restaurant is fairly small and there is nothing but Japanese people eating here so it is a good sign that the food will be good.


I ordered a soba soup with shrimp tempura.  It also came with a bowl of rice and some pickled vegetables.


It was perfect for lunch!


Hoa ordered a bottle of Asahi beer and an extra order of tempura shrimp.


Hoa ordered a fried egg noodle with seafood.  It came with a side salad and some pickled vegetables.

Both dishes were excellent and hit the spot.  I think our bill come to less than $20 for whole meal.


Hokan-Ji temple


After lunch we decided to walk around to visit a few more temples close by.

On our way, Hoa saw this SUV that he really liked and it does not exist in the US.


Street along the way with people waiting in line to get in a ramen shop.


Kyoto old neighborhood lined with cute shops and restaurants.


Traditional Japanese apartments along the way.


Hokan Ji Temple  is located in the middle of an old and quaint Kyoto neighborhood.


Japanese couple posing for pictures in front of Hokan-ji Temple.

Yasaka street is an iconic historical street located in the heart of Higashiyama district, popular as one of the most photogenic spots in Kyoto.


The entrance of Hokan-ji Temple. The five-storey pagoda that towers above the streets is commonly known as Yasaka Pagoda and is a local landmark.

The name 'Yasaka Pagoda' has come to refer to the temple itself as the small temple precincts have no buildings that stand out other than the pagoda itself.


The five-storey pagoda, originally built in 826 is in a purely Japanese style, has a tiled roof, and stands 161 ft. tall making it the highest pagoda in Japan. It has been struck by lightening and burned down 4 times.


The currently standing pagoda was rebuilt by Yoshinori ASHIKAGA (the sixth Shogun of the Muromachi bakufu, Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).


The 5-story tall pagoda is the last remaining structure of a 6th-century temple complex known as Hōkan-ji Temple.


The temple is also the oldest temple in Kyoto


Geishas taking pictures of themselves.


A couple talking to a Rickshaw driver after they are done with their ride.


Girl power..

The term “rickshaw” is, essentially, an Anglicized version of jinrikisha, the Japanese word for this human-powered carriage.


We are now headed to Nazen-ji temple by taking small streets in the old town.


A shrine along the way.


Japanese complex along the way...



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