7 days in Italy-5-19 to 5/25/2022

Day 1- Florence


Day 2- Florence

Abbey Fiorentina

Piazza della Signoria

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Lunch at All'antico Vinaio

Santa Maria del Fior Basilica

Boboli Garden

Dinner at Golden View

Day 3- Florence

Basilica San Croce

Ponte Vecchio/Lunch

Discovering Florence

Discovering Florence, cont'd

Dinner at il Santo Bevitore

Florence at night

Day 4-Cinque Terre


Lunch/Quick tour

Church of San Giovanni Battista

Dinner at Dau Cila



Day 5-Manarola/Corniglia



Lunch at Terrarossa

Discovering Corniglia


Dinner at Belforte

Day 6-Monterosso/Vernazza


Monterosso/Old Town

Blue trail hiking

Blue trail continuation

Dinner at Macelleria Trattoria


Day 7- Riomaggiore

Walking tour

Walking tour continuation

Sunset boat tour

Dinner at Dau Cila


Day -8-Train to Milan

Day 3- Florence-5/21/2022

Dinner at Il Santo Bevitore

Il Santo Bevitore is in the Michelin guide under bib gourmand and also listed under "Best trattoria in Florence" with Tuscan traditional cuisine.

The restaurant is not open until 7:30pm and since we did not have a reservation we were the first to stay in line in the hope to be able to get in.


The menu on the outside of the door.


They are finally open and we were the first people to walk in and fortunately they were able to take us with the condition that we had to finish our meal by 9:30Pm.


We got a table and here you can people are starting to come in the restaurant.

The restaurant used to be large former coach house with vaulted ceiling and dark wood paneling.


There were a lot of people just waiting their turn to check in with the host.


Dressed in black, the young staff is always friendly, helpful, and well-informed about the menu.


The main dinning room.  Pretty empty right now since we were the first people in the restaurant.

Il Santo Bevitore (the Holy Drinker) carefully curated list is crammed with interesting and reasonably priced labels from Tuscany and Piemonte plus a smattering of bottles from Alto Adige, Sicily, Ligura, and Sardegna. There’s also an above-average selection of by-the-glass choices.


  They have many rooms inside the restaurant, these two rooms are on the side of the main dinning room.


The menu


Basket of assorted bread.


Hoa ordered a bottle of red wine





Within 15 minutes the dinning room was full of people.


Panoramic view of the dinning room.  The restaurant has a really nice atmosphere/



Sformatino (Borage flan), Pecorino Toscano, wild leaf in tempura = 12 Euros


Sformatino is similar to a savory flan, less airy than a soufflé but it is very elegant.

Here it is served with a Pecorino creamy sauce and on top a beautiful borage leaf in tempura for a crisp texture.


We both enjoyed this dish a lot.


Durum wheat Bucatino, green vegetable sauce, black cabbage, clams, chili peppers - 12 Euros


Looks so good!


Great dish with lots of flavors.


Slow roasted lamb shank, sea asparagus  - 22 Euros


Huge portion!  The lamb shank fell apart and just melted in our mouth.  Really delicious.


An to finish we ordered a coffee gelato- 6 Euros


We were too full to eat a full dessert so I selected a gelato.


When we left there was line in front of the restaurant.


A lot of people are still waiting to get a table.


A group of 4 dinning in the front patio of the restaurant.  How cozy is this?


Our bill came to 82 Euros including everything. Really reasonable, good food, service was good but they were extremely busy so we did not have a chance to chit chat with any of them.

Great restaurant to keep in mind when in Florence.



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