7 days in Italy-5-19 to 5/25/2022

Day 5- Cinque Terre-5/23/2022

Lunch at Terrarossa Enoteca, Corniglia

We wanted to stay away from the town center as it is filled with tourists.  We saw this cute little Enoteca (Wine bar) with a terrace.


We checked it out and decided to have lunch here.


They also have indoor seating  but asked if we could sit on the patio.  To get to the patio you have to climb a few steps.


We were one of the fist people there so we can pick any table.  There are only 8 tables in total.


Beverage menu written by hand on slate boards.


View of the end of the terrace from our table.



The view from our table.


More view of the town from our table.


It was so lovely to sit here and there are barely anybody around.





Tomato salad with tuna, olives, capers.


So simple but when the ingredients are fresh it does make a difference.


It was very hot so we were glad to sit in the shade enjoying our lunch.


Hoa ordered a stuffed focaccia.  Focaccia is the typical and specialty of Liguria so we had to give it a try.

The focaccia has a crisp crust and it brushed with olive oil and salt and has a soft inside.


To pay we had to go inside the restaurant and they have the famous focaccia on display.  Locals often starts the day with a crusty strip of focaccia dipped into a foamy cappuccino, and focaccias is served at lunch and dinner.


This is inside the restaurant. 



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