7 days in Italy-5-19 to 5/25/2022

Day 5- Cinque Terre-5/23/2022

Discovering Corniglia

After lunch we went back to the town center which is full of tourists.


Quaint streets in the center of Corniglia.


Lots of cute shops lining the streets,


The houses are so close to each other.  On the right it looks like an old brick wall from way back then


A nice little terrace where people are having their lunch.


One of the square with lots of outdoor dining.  The Oratory of St. Catherine is on top (center in grey).


The church was built in the 18th century and it is very modest and simple but the real attraction of the Oratory is a huge panoramic terrace that is located behind the building.


People enjoying lunch on the terrace.


We are headed toward the Oratory.


This is back of the building with lots of stairs to climb.


The terrace is just behind this staircase.


Terrace with view toward the sea.  Manorala can be seen from this point.


View toward the mountain.


View of the city below.


We are leaving the terrace.


Streets leading to Santa Maria panoramic terrace.


The terrace.


You can also have a drink and something to eatk with magnificent view of the sea.


View from the terrace of the vineyards



We had lunch around this area earlier on (way on the right).


View of the church of St. Peter in the distance.





A shop in a really narrow alley.


We saw this gelato shop and it is time for a little break!


Check out all the flavors.


I had coconut and pistachio.  No seating in the store so I improvised and just sat on the door step in front of the store.


Time to leave but this time it is a lot easier to go down 380 steps.


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