7 days in Italy-5-19 to 5/25/2022

Day 1- Florence


Day 2- Florence

Abbey Fiorentina

Piazza della Signoria

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Lunch at All'antico Vinaio

Santa Maria del Fior Basilica

Boboli Garden

Dinner at Golden View

Day 3- Florence

Basilica San Croce

Ponte Vecchio/Lunch

Discovering Florence

Discovering Florence, cont'd

Dinner at il Santo Bevitore

Florence at night

Day 4-Cinque Terre


Lunch/Quick tour

Church of San Giovanni Battista

Dinner at Dau Cila



Day 5-Manarola/Corniglia



Lunch at Terrarossa

Discovering Corniglia


Dinner at Belforte

Day 6-Monterosso/Vernazza


Monterosso/Old Town

Blue trail hiking

Blue trail continuation

Dinner at Macelleria Trattoria


Day 7- Riomaggiore

Walking tour

Walking tour continuation

Sunset boat tour

Dinner at Dau Cila


Day -8-Train to Milan

Day 7- Cinque Terre-5/25/2022

walking tour continuation, Riomaggiore

We are now going toward the main street below.


Small streets along the way...


The houses are built between two steeps hills and was named for the stream, Rivus Major that flows beneath it.


Rooftops and the sea.


We are still in the upper part of the hill and the view of the town is amazing with all the colorful houses.


On our first at Riomaggiore we passed by the Church of Church of San Giovanni Battista.


Small arch way door leading to the main part of town.



Nice flowers in front of a hotel.


We passed by a fruits and vegetables stand.


Hoa bought some cherries here.


We are now on the main street in Riomaggiore, via Colombo.  We decided to buy to some cold cuts from this store and have lunch at the Marina.


Our apartment is above the Marina so this is really convenient to change quickly and get some towels.


W bought a variety of cold cuts, cheese, marinated olives, octopus, and anchovies.


All the cold cuts were delicious!


Marinated olives.


Marinated octopus and anchovies. 




I don't remember ever having lunch this way on the beach... Very fun though.


It was a very relaxing and low key lunch.


From the Marina we walked on the pathway leading to the Ferry dock.


Pathway leading to the Ferry dock.


People getting on the ferry.



Lots of boats dropping and picking up new customers.



Waves against the rocky shore.



NEXT.... Day 7-Sunset boat tour





Our house


Photo Gallery

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