7 days in Italy-5-19 to 5/25/2022

Day 1- Florence


Day 2- Florence

Abbey Fiorentina

Piazza della Signoria

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Lunch at All'antico Vinaio

Santa Maria del Fior Basilica

Boboli Garden

Dinner at Golden View

Day 3- Florence

Basilica San Croce

Ponte Vecchio/Lunch

Discovering Florence

Discovering Florence, cont'd

Dinner at il Santo Bevitore

Florence at night

Day 4-Cinque Terre


Lunch/Quick tour

Church of San Giovanni Battista

Dinner at Dau Cila



Day 5-Manarola/Corniglia



Lunch at Terrarossa

Discovering Corniglia


Dinner at Belforte

Day 6-Monterosso/Vernazza


Monterosso/Old Town

Blue trail hiking

Blue trail continuation

Dinner at Macelleria Trattoria


Day 7- Riomaggiore

Walking tour

Walking tour continuation

Sunset boat tour

Dinner at Dau Cila


Day -8-Train to Milan

Day 6- Cinque Terre-5/24/2022

Blue trail from Vernazza to Corniglia

The Sentiero Azzuro or Blue trail is named after the blue colors of the panoramic view of the ocean that can be seen for the majority of the trail.  This trail connects each of the five villages of Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare. 

Today we are just hiking a portion of trail called the Blue path #2 from Vernazza to Corniglia.

The 4.2-mile point-to-point trail from Vernazza to Corniglia is generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 2h 30 minutes and it is about 7 miles with the highest altitude of 657 foot. This is a popular trail for backpacking, hiking, and trail running.


The path begins in the old town of Vernazza, close to the train station.  There are small signs though the town pointing you in the right direction.

First you will need to climb up lots of stairs to the top of the town.


Small alleys leading to the trail.


More stairs...


We are mid-way up.


We are now above rooftops level.  The view is already magnificent.


There are still more stairs up to the top.


View of Vernazza from above.


We are now at the highest peak of Vernazza.  On the left in the middle of the picture you can see the train station.


Vernazza view from above.


The houses are so colorful and so charming.


Terrace on top of the hill with great view of Vernazza


We are now starting the trail.


The Flore is also very diverse along the cost.


Wild red poppies on the left and more rocky stairs to climb.


Lust vegetation on the side of the path.


The pathway is rocky but is well maintained.


Part of the trail are made up with dirt road.


From up above you can see the train rail along the coast line and going trough a tunnel.




Cactus and wild flowers.


We probably climbed nearly 200 feet over the first quarter mile.



Steep rocky steps...


Still more steps for at least a good mile or so.


We have been going up hill for at least 40 minutes and we still have not reach the highest point yet.



We are getting tired with all the steep climbing.


So glad we found a quiet grove to rest a bit.


In the old days mules will be taking these cobble pathway to carry merchandises on their back.


Not sure what the green net is for in this area, catching fruits maybe?


The path on the right is very narrow and will only fit one person in one direction. 

If there is another person coming from the opposite direction, you will need to step aside on the rocks on the right to let people go by.


The pink house you see is located in the town of Prevo.



Heading toward the first and only bar along the trail.


NEXT.... Day 6-Blue trail continuation





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