7 days in Italy-5-19 to 5/25/2022

Day 5- Cinque Terre-5/23/2022


Manarola is the second smallest village (Corniglia is the smallest) of the 5 villages in Cinque Terre.  It has a population of 353 people but in the summer the town is full of tourists.

From Riomaggiore we took the train to Manarola.  It is really close and it is a 3 minute ride from station to station.


Built on high rock 230 ft. above sea level is a charming and romantic village in Cinque Terre. 


Manarola may be the oldest of the towns in Cinque Terre and the primary industry have traditionally been fishing and wine-making.


The tiny harbor is picturesque.


Another view of the harbor with multicolored houses facing the sea.


The cliffs.


Walking train carved in the mountain.


Gorgeous view of the blue Ligurian sea surrounded by beautiful cliffs.


There is no real beach here but people still enjoy swimming around.


You can see people swimming on the right corner.


This the main terrace looking toward the sea.



We are now approaching Manarola's historic building ahead with most of the houses are bright and colorful just like in Riomaggiore.



So charming!


If you don't want to swim, you definitely can go down and enjoy the view from there.


A lot of people are sunbathing on the rock.



The town is in the back, Hoa is standing in the main terrace over looking the sea.


We are now headed to the walking trail.


Starting the trail.


A popular place on the trail to take picture of the town.


This the view you get from the trail.





The trail curved around the mountain and the view is extraordinary from there.


In the back is the town of Corniglia.



We are now at the end of the trail.


It is a really quiet area with barely anybody around.


Tis picture looks like a postcard.


There used to be a walking trail from Manarola to Corniglia but the trail collapse and it is now closed.


View of the town from the far end of the walking trail.


We are back at the main square facing the sea


The main square facing the town.


The main street in the village.



Basically without the tourists this town is probably really quiet.


The bell tower of the  13th century church of San Lorenza.


We are now back to the train station going to Corniglia.



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